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“He who is true to himself takes the right decisions ”

Allow me to introduce myself: Albert Roele, boardroom whisperer™, strategic counsellor and spokesman. It is my goal to help senior executives and boardroom members to take the right decisions that enjoy widespread support at the right time in complex circumstances and to tell this in a way that people listen to them and truly hear their story.


To that end I create a moment of peace and silence in which I support them in their roles by allowing them to find and show their true personality and the stories that build it. Seriously and often with a wink and a smile, working commonly with them behind the scenes, in the lee and from a personal relationship towards that personal business story.


If you are a boardroom member, then with the help of this story you also obtain introspectio, inner stability and resolve. This story also works as your personal benchmark and gives you guidance during the process of making decisions. This will also allow you to evolve into a natural leader. One that makes connections, one that motivates and one that emphatically can construe the context of his decisions.


The result: a better performance of yourself and your team, that matches your organisation’s goals.