“People listen to my story and they truly hear what I say”. That is my offer to senior executives and boardroom members: as boardroom whisperer™, as strategic counsellor and as spokesman.


It is my goal to help senior executives and boardroom members to take the right decisions that enjoy widespread support at the right time in complex circumstances and to tell this in a way that people listen to them and truly hear their story.


If you are a boardroom member, then with the help of your personal business story as a solid base, you obtain introspectio, inner stability and resolve. This story also works as your  personal benchmark and gives you guidance during the process of making decisions.

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Questions you might recognise:
How do I best deploy my capacities and capabilities for the organisation? How will I persevere until the end of my term? How will I meet all my deadlines? How do I know what goes on in my organisation and how do I recognise what is important and what is not? How do I organise commitment for change within my organization? How do I know how the outside world perceives us?


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