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“Questions you might recognise”

Questions you might recognise: How do I know what goes on in my organisation and how do I recognise what is important and what is not? How do I organise commitment for change within my organization? How do I deliver a complex message, both internally and externally? How do I know how the outside world perceives us? How do I best deploy my capacities and capabilities for the organisation? How will I persevere enough energy to achieve my goals? How will I create the space I need to meet all my deadlines?


These are the kind of questions we can encounter when working with:


  • Boardroom members of educational and healthcare organisations, of housing corporations and of NGOs,
  • Mayors and aldermen,
  • High ranking civil servant of political departments,
  • Judges, prosecutors and senior police-officers,
  • Members of the Board of commercial organisations (chairman, CEO, CFO, COO).


If you are a board room member or executive whose field of activities isn’t mentioned above, I’d be equally glad to be working with you.


Auf Grund meiner internationalen Erfahrung mag ich es auch gerne Vorstandsmitglieder auf deutsch zu begleiten.